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9 Things to do to take care of your ring

Your rings are the most precious things you possess, and you would like to do anything to keep them new.

 So it's very natural that you can do everything to keep it looking as good as you purchased it. 

Using a high-quality cleaning solution at home is one of the first steps to care about your ring. From taking it to a jewelry shop for professional care and removing it while working, your ring routine should be beyond cleaning and polishing. 

Here are some of the care guides to maintain your ring's look the same as when you purchase

1. Schedule Professional Cleaning

Many jewelers offer free cleaning services for your rings. You don't just clean the ring but also examine it to ensure that the diamonds are not fractured, and they also manage the structural integrity. 

Experts say having a professional cleaning at least two times a year is the best way to keep the ring sparkling like new, and we also check the ring under magnification to ensure the prongs are secure.

2. Use a mild cleaning solution 

The expert recommends that if you wash your ring at home, you should always soak the ring in a mixture of mild dish wash liquid and warm water for half an hour before gently scrubbing the ring with a soft bristle toothbrush. 

Baking soda's gentle, abrasive-free composition makes it another acceptable option for cleansing precious stones and jewelry. Mix a pinch of baking soda in lukewarm water to make a smooth solution; carefully rub the solution around the ring, the mounting, and the gemstone. Rinse the ring in warm water and gently dry it with a soft fabric. 

3. Get your ring insured 

Surprisingly, a lot of people don't even consider taking insurance coverage for their precious ring. However, the ring costs about the same as a modest car, and because it's so easy to lose, it's always a good idea to insure it. 

It is always emotionally challenging to replace the ring, but it would be great if you want to avoid adding financial difficulties to your hurt. 

Getting insurance is quite simple; you can opt for insurance as soon as you buy the ring.

4. Say no to chemicals 

Keep the ring away from the harmful chemicals in sunscreen, body lotion, and perfume that can damage the ring, so it is recommended to apply these things only after you remove the ring. 

5. Check the weather 

If you're going to the grocery store during a sandstorm or hiking in the Alps, most people's fingers get smaller due to the temperature. This means that the ring can light off during cold weather. 

Alternately, hot weather causes the fingers to expand, and you may feel uncomfortable with the ring. Leaving the ring at home is recommended to avoid losing or damaging the precious stone. 

6. Don't risk the bling 

Some activities put your ring at higher risk than others. For example, dangling your hands out in the open sea can be very risky when sailing. In addition, many outdoor activities like gardening can damage the ring. 

7. Have a spot 

When you take the ring off, it's best to have a fixed spot for it. It could be a specific drawer in your jewelry box or even the most petite pocket in your purse. If you are going to the gym or cleaning your house, it is imperative always to put the ring in the right place so it is not difficult to find it later. 

8. Be careful when it comes to size-adjusting the ring 

Weight fluctuation, traveling, and seasonal temperature changes can affect the ring's fit; remember these before resizing. Many leading Jewelers like to size the buyers in the late afternoon(2.30 PM to be precise) or after they have completed their exercise to accommodate the swelling. The experts don't recommend making changes in the ring during pregnancies, and the leading jewelry brands also ask the clients where they live if they belong to a tropical place and are looking for a ring in New York. They recommend going for one size bigger. 

9. Regularly check the prongs and settings. 

Keep a careful eye and ear on your ring; many jewelers suggest that customers drop in for a 'prong test' annually, allowing them to analyze the ring and confirm it is in ideal shape. You can even check the prongs yourself by holding the ring between two fingers and holding it up to your ear. Then shake it a bit, and the ring needs to be tightened up if you hear anything.


Aftercare of your precious diamond is vital; if you take good care of your ring, it will be with you forever. Take the simple measures cited in the blog to make the ring shine eternally. 

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