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Diamond Rings: How and Where to Buy


They are sparkling and mesmerizing gemstones that can make every moment special!  For centuries, diamonds have been a popular jewel used in engagement rings and other jewelry, and the trend continues to date. Thus, it is no wonder why people prefer buying diamond jewelry to mark their special occasions or moments, especially diamond rings!

Be it an engagement or gifting yourself the bling, there’s no comparison to diamonds! However, these dazzling diamonds cost a considerable sum of money too - so how or where should you buy those fascinating diamond rings?

At Elista Jewel, we understand your desire to buy diamond rings as well as the budget constraints. However, with our high-quality lab-grown diamonds, you can fulfill your desire to get those captivating diamond rings in your budget!

Yes, you read it right - Lab Grown Diamonds!

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Lab Grown Diamonds - A Surprisingly Affordable Endeavour

When people hear about lab-grown diamonds, they often avoid buying them as they are created artificially instead of naturally produced on the earth. However, this is the only difference!

Lab diamonds look and feel just like natural diamonds. They’re available in all shapes/cuts and sizes for which natural diamonds are available. Further, if you had a lab diamond and a natural diamond in front of you, it would be almost impossible to tell the difference. They even have identical chemical structures. In fact, a professional gemmologist will need specialized equipment to tell which one is natural or lab-grown.

On the whole, lab diamonds are now the new real diamonds. They are created in a similar way a real diamond develops underneath the earth’s crust - pressure, heat, & carbon. However, making these diamonds does not contaminate the fragile ecosystems - procuring earth-mined diamonds requires extracting immense amounts of fossil fuels and heavy machinery. Also, earth-mined diamonds risk the workers' lives.

Thus, with lab-grown diamonds, you do not have to worry about the environmental and humanitarian repercussions. They are environment-friendly and cruelty-free!

Here’s why luxury consumers are also embracing lab diamonds:

•   Lab-grown diamonds are up to 60% to 70% less expensive than traditional mined ones.

•   They look exactly the same asamineddiamond.

•   They are available in a variety of contemporary design options.

•   A stress-free option when thinking about buying a diamond ring.


•   They are expensive
•   Environmentally damaging
•   Their extraction is the fossil fuel intensive
• They are less expensive compared to real diamonds
• They are environment-friendly and are sustainable

All in all, lab diamonds are the real deal!

Things to consider when buying lab diamond rings?

Choosing a beautiful diamond ring, even a lab-grown diamond, involves narrowing down your shape and selecting high-quality options for the 4C(s) -

•   Cut quality: The ring shape and the sparkle factor

•   Color: Spectrum of shades

•   Clarity: Finding the tiny black or white flecks or lines in the diamonds

•   Carat weight: The size or weight of a diamond

Further, the other things to consider while purchasing a diamond ring are: comparing similar diamonds, verifying the certificates, and choosing the ring setting.

Where to Buy a Diamond Ring?

At Elista Jewel, you’ll know that we’re big believers in purchasing your diamond ring online. We recommend buying diamond rings from reputable online diamond jewelers. Based on our years of experience, Elista Jewel has proven to offer the best selection of diamond rings at the best prices.

We understand that buying the ring of your dreams can be a confusing and stressful process. However, we can help you get the best diamond rings that meet all your requirements in the 4Cs so that you make the right purchase.

Our Azul collection of diamond rings has the perfect balance of cut quality, color, clarity, and carat weight that will fit your budget. This collection of diamond rings is designed by experts so that you can get your hands on strikingly exquisite diamond ring designs!

Need help buying a diamond ring from our website? Our diamond experts are happy to answer any and all of your questions - get in touch with us today!