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Different Types of Man-Made/Lab-Made Diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most popular jewelry pieces and have been hypnotizing millions with their shimmer for centuries.

They are not only exquisite, but they are also very rare. Only about 20% of the world's diamonds are of good enough quality to be used in jewelry. Diamonds are also very durable, which makes them ideal for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry that will be worn for a long time.

Artificial/Lab made diamonds-

Before we share the details of different lab-made/manufactured diamonds, here are the basics - Artificial diamonds can be manufactured similarly to natural diamonds but with a different chemical formula, which makes them artificially created.

What are artificial/lab-made diamonds?

Lab-made diamonds are created in labs that are as good as natural diamonds. Lab-made diamonds are also cultural, synthetic, cultivated, or artificial. Lab-made diamonds have the same optical and chemical characteristics as natural diamonds, consisting of carbon atom structures.

The major plus points of lab-made diamonds are that they are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient compared to natural diamonds.

How are artificial/lab-made diamonds produced?

Natural diamonds take millions of years of heat and pressure that transforms carbon atoms into the gorgeous and dazzling gemstones we know as natural diamonds.

Lab-made diamonds are grown by the same process, which takes a few weeks instead of millions of years.

The procedure of the lab-made diamonds begins with a minute of diamond, a diamond seed. Then, the seed is coated with pure carbon and placed inside a special chamber which is sealed. The chamber is designed to imitate the conditions in the earth's crust.

With the basic introduction about lab-made diamonds, we look at different types of lab-made diamonds.

Here are different types of lab-made diamonds:-

Stimulant Diamonds :

Stimulant Diamonds come most proximate to characterizing genuine diamonds. You can't make out the difference with the naked eye. These diamonds are not created from scratch but are made from substitute material. Thesimulantdiamonds are physically and chemically different from the mined diamonds. They were first developed in the early years of 1970 as an alternative to natural diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia Stimulants :

Zirconium dioxide is used to make these diamonds. Consequently, they are the least durable. But the plus point is the lowest price.

Diamond Nexus Stimulants :

They are made from carbon mixed with additional elements. Diamond Nexus Stimulants are incredibly durable as they have a lifetime guarantee to back them up.

Moissanite Lab Created Gemstones :

The gemstones are synthesized from silicon carbon. Moissanite looks different from other man-made diamonds as it is a gemstone. In addition, the price of this gemstone is on the higher side because moissanite is a powerful stimulant.

Cultured diamonds :

Cultured diamonds grow in the lab and have the most similar chemical and physical properties to natural diamonds. These diamonds are lab-made from scratch and are built in an atmosphere similar to the diamond mines. These diamonds have numbers inscribed, indicating that they are not natural diamonds and can't be used for insurance or resale purposes.

Here are two processes involved in the manufacturing of cultured diamonds:-

HPHT Diamonds :

These types of diamonds are produced in a similar environment to that of mined diamonds. Three main press designs are used for the pressure and temperature needed to make HPHT diamonds. Presses can be belt-driven, cubic-driven, or split-sphere-driven. In chemical vapor precipitate, diamond seeds are formed by depositing a mixture of hydrocarbon gases. Diamond seeds are positioned at the bottom of the press.

CVD diamonds

CVD diamonds are made from the chemical vapor deposition method mixture of hydrocarbon gas. This method is more suitable for industrial use, pliability, and clarity of the process. This is the main reason for CVD diamonds getting popular day by day in laboratory research.

In conclusion, man-made or lab-made diamonds are an excellent substitute for genuine diamonds. They are just as beautiful and sparkly, but they are much more affordable. So if you're looking for a diamond on a budget, consider buying a lab-made diamond.

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